The Honeymooners

“We’re on our honeymoon,” Kathryn said shyly. Their server, Sam, realized how special these guests were, and told chef George Brown, as well as the rest of the staff working that night. It didn’t take long for the story to circulate among all the staff and all the other guests.

Kathryn and Robert Candler met in the first grade. They went to school together in the small town of Lockhart, South Carolina, through the 10th grade. After that, they didn’t see each other again for 60 years.

Kathryn graduated from high school in Lockhart in 1958, in a small class of 15 students. By that time, Robert had moved away. His father worked in the mills and the family was transferred to Bladenboro, North Carolina.

After high school, Kathryn went to beauty school in Spartanburg, NC. She married and had five girls and one boy. Sadly, one of her children was killed in an automobile accident when he was very young. Today, Kathryn has eight children and two great grandchildren.

Meanwhile, after he graduated high school in Bladenboro, Robert went to Carson Newman College and UNC, Pembroke. He became a history teacher, basketball and baseball coach, and then went on to Appalachian State University for his graduate degree in history and economics.  Along the way, he married and had one son and three grandchildren. He retired in 1993.


An Unexpected Reunion

One day, Robert got a call from his old friends in Lockhart who said they were having a get together to talk about old times. By that time Robert’s spouse had passed away. Robert joined them and asked about the remaining living classmates, and found that Kathryn was one of them.

Kathryn had been a widow for a number of years, and was at a low point in her life. A devout Christian, she had prayed for guidance, asking God to either take her home or send her someone that she could spend her remaining years with. Two weeks later, Robert knocked on her door. She, of course, didn’t recognize him, and almost didn’t open the door. Robert pursued her and finally, he succeeded. They were married at Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church in Newman, SC, on October 11, 2017.


A Honeymoon at the Fryemont Inn

On their honeymoon, they visited the Fryemont Inn. Kathryn’s mother was a Bryson, so she had been to Bryson City before, but had never stayed at the Fryemont. Their friend, David Epps, was a frequent guest at the Fryemont and told them it was wonderful.

Since Sue and George Brown bought the Inn in 1982, there have been many weddings at the Fryemont, and there have been many, many, honeymooners. But these Fryemont Inn honeymooners hold a special place in our hearts and have promised to return for their first anniversary.

How old are they? One never asks a woman her age. You do the math!